This is the story of my 6 months of studying in Arizona in 2010 and subsequent travels in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reflections - Mexico and missing home!

Hmmm, back in the hostel yard after half a day of wandering around the old part of Querétaro - and time for some reflection. :)

Walking down one of the many little streets on my way back a little while ago, I realised how much I am missing home. It hits me every now and then, not because I don't like where I am, but because I really like my home and I haven't been there for a while now. Soon 6 months actually. I miss my flat, my own space, and I miss cooking with my sister. I miss my work out (Lotte, I'm gonna be back in the step aerobics classes again soon!), I miss studying, and visiting my mom in Hørsholm. And I miss my friends, Copenhagen, EPSA stuff, and many other little elements of my life there.

That said, of course I really enjoy traveling as well! Mexico is incredibly beautiful, the weather is amazing, and most of the people here are really nice and helpful. And very honest: sometimes I misunderstand a price and pay too much, but I always get an understanding smile and the excess money back. :) What I dislike is the immense amount of attention I get here. Yeah, I look different from most people here, but it is not like I am the only tall, blond person around. I really do not appreciate the comments from people on the street, but I do my best to ignore it...

The little Spanish I know is a HUUUUUGE help. Though the amount of a language that can be learned in one week is very limited, I have some phrases that are useful, plus I have achieved one of my original goals: To get an understanding of the structure of the language. For instance knowing that the verbs are conjugated similar to the German way and that the pronoun often disappears when the verb is conjugated is really useful when trying to understand a message! All in all I find Spanish in general easy, but the verbs rather complicated! I find that the Mexicans are very reluctant to use the little English most of them know, but I don't mind practicing my Spanish anyway. So with a combination of both, I get by. :)

As you guys have probably noticed, I like traveling... I have however never been traveling like this before - with a backpack, from city to city. I usually travel with a purpose, be it a meeting, a training, a conference, or vacation. This is vacation too, but different in the sense that I am always on the move to somewhere new. I like that as it suits my restless soul :), but it is also somewhat stressful to always have to consider the next step. I think I am getting better at appreciating the little moments of peace, like the other day at the rooftop terrace in Guanajuato, or like now in the yard in Querétaro (where the sky is cloudy, so Im not getting anymore sunburned than I already am...). I guess I am becoming better at sensing what I feel like in each moment, be it strolling around the city, visit a museum, read a book, practice Spanish, or take a nap. All things I appreciate, but at different times - and the good thing at the moment is that I can do whatever I feel like whenever. :)

That said, I am also REALLY looking forward to meeting Sofie, my Danish friend who will join me for another 2 weeks of exploring Mexico! She is arriving to Mexico City tomorrow evening, and I will take a bus directly there to meet her. My "local" friend in Mexico city, Emmanuel, will come to the airport to pick us up, and be our guide for a trip to Teotihuacan on Saturday! :) It will be nice with some company, though I don't mind traveling alone it is nice to have someone to share the memories with!

Another thing I was considering is wether I skip through the cities too quickly. Two days here, one day there, a few hours in Dolores Hidalgo and San Miguel. Would it be better to see less cities and stay longer? So far I'd say no. Though I liked the two little cities I saw yesterday, there was not much to see. If I should stay longer it would be to just relax or check out all the little shops. Which would also be nice, but I feel like the shops I see in the different cities are rather similar. Of course the handicrafts of the artisans have different styles, but I am not that much into it to appreciate the differences. And as you know, art museums is not really my thing, so thats another way I am not gonna spend my days. :)

I have approximately 2.5 weeks left before I am back home in Copenhagen. I am looking forward to it, yes, but I would also not miss out on the 2.5 weeks I will have here in Mexico, seeing more of the incredible country, tasting more of the food, and meeting more of the people! :)


  1. Hola Luisa!!!!Que bueno que estas disfrutando tu viaje en Mexico, Verdadermente es sorprendente tu audazia. Ok I hope you keep it up and dont get home sick yet.

  2. Great adventure. I love traveling too and discovering wonderful places.

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