This is the story of my 6 months of studying in Arizona in 2010 and subsequent travels in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

On the way to Mexico City

Thursday morning, January 27th, was the beginning of an important day with Sofie, my Danish friend, arriving to Mexico! But first I had some hours to spend in Querétaro, before taking the bus to Mexico City Airport. So I agreed with the hostel-guy to leave my backpack there to pick it up later, and then went out to find the famous Aqueduct of Querétaro. It was a bit of a walk and I wasn’t sure about the way, but the moment I started wondering how that huge thing could be hiding, I realised that I was standing right in front of it, but from the end, so I could only see the first column. :) Very impressive structure.

On the way back I passed again a hairdresser, I had noticed on the way out. I needed a haircut, as my hair was getting too long and impractical for travelling. I wondered why I didn’t just go in without so much consideration, and I realised that it was not so much because of worries for a bad result of the haircut, but for the challenge in communicating. Obviously the second I came to that conclusion, I had one foot inside the shop… ;) And even though there was practically no verbal communication between the hairdresser and me, the result was nice and much more comfortable than what I came in with! So another challenge faced and survived!

Bought some Chinese food on the way back (yeah, sorry to admit it, but I felt like something else than Mexican. It was a bad choice, of course!), and sat in the hostel for a little while, before heading off to the bus station. Getting into the drill I knew just how to get my ticket, find the bus, load my backpack, and get some refreshments before boarding the bus. The trip was 3 hours, and not too comfortable, because the seat somehow did not fit my back. 

Anyway, I arrived in the airport, found my way to the right arrivals-area, and stood waiting for Sofie for around an hour. In the meantime Emmanuel arrived, another Mexican from the Russia-trip, and our personal guide and driver in Mexico City! :D He took us to our hotel, gave us directions, and left us with an agreement to meet the next evening. We spent a little time unpacking and catching up – so incredible to spend time with another Dane again! ;) For a very late dinner we went down to the restaurant café and got a bowl of Aztec soup (/tortilla soup) each. Impressive of how Sofie managed to stay awake despite 17 hours of travel and heavy jetlag, we went to bed around midnight. 

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