This is the story of my 6 months of studying in Arizona in 2010 and subsequent travels in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I just had a dream...

I know I owe you the story of the last couple of days in Mexico, but first I really want to tell you about a dream I just had. I came home from the last day of school exhausted, had lunch, and took a long nap without setting an alarm. Just before I woke up, I dreamt this:

Part 1:
I was on a biking trip with my backpack, feeling very lucky that I could travel around like that, and being happy for being mobile and for being able to enjoy the landscape. I was somewhat lost, but at one point a truck stopped, and the trucker gave me directions. I noticed how beautiful the landscape was behind him, and took a picture with him in it.

Part 2
It had become dark, and I went to stay in an inn/bed and breakfast (Danish word would be "kro"). It had a large, warm common room with a fireplace, and a big pot full of stew hanging over it. There was a great atmosphere in the room, with many people enjoying the meal and chattering all around. Suddenly I noticed my sister Helene and my friend Riccardo sitting at a table, waiting for me. We were very happy to see each other, and I realised how much I had been missing them. I spent a terrific evening with them in the common room, and slept sharing a big bed with both.

Part 3
(I have forgotten some specifics of this part, unfortunately.) The next morning things started turning a little weird. We had breakfast in the kitchen, and we could order ANYTHING we wanted. I had quesadillas (recognize another friend relation? :D), but when the other two had some other interesting things, I wanted more. The staff began adding non-food things to our order (this is where its blurry), and at one point I got a really nice camera. The craziness continued, until I asked to win the lottery, and was giving a winning lottery ticket. I won 48 mio. (though I dont remember the currency! ;)).

Part 4
After winning the lottery we went with one of the hosts to see more of the area. We were in some sort of cart, with all my old and new stuff stacked on the back with Helene, Riccardo and me. We were driving on a road very near the ocean, overlooking an astonishing mountainside ahead of us. But my things on the cart had moved closer to the edge, and some things fell in the water. I remember seeing my purple fleece blanket in the waves, and panicking that I was loosing my stuff, I dived in after it. Once in the water I saw the new camera falling towards the bottom. I felt desperate, but I realised that I had the lottery ticket in my pocket, and that I had to save that first. Once back on the cart I pulled it out of the pocket, and handed it and my old camera to our guide. He asked me if I was sure I wanted the ticket. If I couldn't see that I didn't need it and that it would bring bad things with it. But I was sure that I wanted the ticket. He shrugged, gave me the old camera and the ticket back, and while I could see the letters on it flow out and disappear because of the water, so did the cart, my friends, and the rest of my things.

Part 5
I was walking through the same city where the inn is, feeling depressed and deprived of my whole fortune. I found the hilly street that lead to it. I started walking up meanwhile realising, that all I hoped for was that my friends would be in the common room to greet me when I got there. And how lucky I was to at least have my old camera with all the good memories in it.

Then I woke up.


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  1. Start with nothing, end with nothing. You're right back to where you started.