This is the story of my 6 months of studying in Arizona in 2010 and subsequent travels in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 14 - Last day of the roadtrip.

As Helene was flying out of Tucson in the afternoon Wednesday 12th, we decided that it would be better to leave San Diego in the evening the 11th instead of early early morning on the 12th, and hence checked out of the hostel and packed the car one last time.

We spent the morning on a retired hangar ship in the harbor, the USS Midway. Originally build in the 40s, it has been restored several times, but was taken out of service in the 90s. Equipped with an audio tour we found our way around the huge ship, trying to avoid the worst masses of school kids. The ship was build for some 3000 sailors, but often carried 4500. Crazy... I mean, it was big, but 4500 is a lot of people! So it must have been rather crowded. Really interesting to see the different quarters and areas of the ship! Especially the flight deck was fascinating, with all its examples of aircrafts and space for take off and landing. Would have loved to see it in action!

A little late we headed back to the hostel to meet with Seil, the Korean girl we met in LA, and drove to San Diego. We had agreed to go to In'n'Out burger for lunch! After some trouble finding each other (no cellphones... How did people find each other back in the days???) we headed north to the closest restaurant, which was indeed not that close. But anyway... With a car and a GPS its never that hard. :)

We dropped Seil off in the center, and headed south. Stopped by Imperial beach, as I decided that cursing Highway 1 without actually having had our feet in the pacific would be a shame! So we went there with a towel, picked up some seas shells and sand between our toes, and then continued on the road. Helene wanted to do some power shopping in an outlet mall before going home, and since I wouldn't be able to carry more stuff I spend the time packing my backpack for Mexico. Some hours later we headed towards Tucson, for the first time with Helene driving! Really nice to be able to sit on the side and not pay too much attention to the road for once!

The trip was 400+ miles, so around 650 km, and took us app. 6,5 hours. We arrived to Tucson 2.30 AM,  and had to call Chris in La Aldea as my key card was not working anymore. We were sleeping at Hillary's place, and she had left the keys outside for me. Talk about good friends! :)

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