This is the story of my 6 months of studying in Arizona in 2010 and subsequent travels in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lake Chapala, Day 9

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With Spanish school being over, I guess I am actually kind of on holiday now! Can you believe that I haven't thought about it this way before? :p Just looked at it like an in-between USA and going back home. But holiday it is, and an amazing one even! :D

So I started the weekend by sleeping in... Or not. I woke up at 7 and met Lita in the kitchen with one of the grandchildren. She cooked eggs with chorizo for me (uhm!) and then I was off to the center with the R-629 once again. A quick and easy trip on a Sunday morning. I was on my way to a bus taking me to Chapala, the largest late in Mexico, a trip that some friends and the school had recommended. I found the bus alright, and we took off first to pick up some more people on hotels around. Then arrived at a meeting place with a minivan, and divided in groups for Tequila and Chapala, respectively.

I went in the minivan with an energetic guide called Rosi. She was translating most of her messages to me in English, so I got some parts of the story as well! It was one of those trips like in Turkey where they take you to a shop you don't really wanna see, in this case a western-style shop with cowboy boots and leather jackets, and in the end to a restaurant I wouldn't have chosen. But back to that later.

The trip to the lake took around 1 hour, and gave a good impression of the area surrounding Guadalajara as well. Chapala city is small and touristic, and the lake is very dirty, but nevertheless it was nice with an escape to some water! As you know by now I have been living inlands for a while, considering Tucson. We spent an hour on our own in the sun on the lake shore, and I bought a little wallet for my Mexican money, which before then was flowing uncontrollably in my bag. So very useful. Its light brown suede and has a flower on it. On my request they also added "Mexico 2011" so it will serve as a memory. :)

After the Chapala town we went to another scenic town on the lake shore, Ajijic ([Ahihik]). It is something like an American/Canadian colony, so though it is beautiful with lots of murals on the colorful houses, to me it sort of looses its charm. We had some time on our own, and I checked out some of the shops, the church, and took some pictures of colorful areas in general. :) Then back to the van and on to the restaurant I wouldn't have chosen, mainly because of its price level. It was right on the shore, so the view was incredible, and I was sitting with 3 other girls from the bus, 2 of which spoke pretty good English. So with the decent meal, all in all it was ok.

The trip back took 1,5 hours I think, because we were dropping people off where it was convenient for them. Very nice... Unfortunately I was last. Oh, but I did catch this great picture of two kids cleaning our windscreen when the driver was not paying enough attention to stop them at the red light! :p Yeah, one has got to be ready to decline such services, or pay up!

Once back home at Lita's, I moved my stuff into another bedroom, as another student was moving in to take my place. I liked the old room better, but I was just happy to be able to stay for another night. I got ready to leave the next morning, and fell asleep quite early, after a day in the fresh air and sun.! :)

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