This is the story of my 6 months of studying in Arizona in 2010 and subsequent travels in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Packing away my old life

The box containing my old life
So as I started carrying a lot of my stuff to a big wooden box the nice construction workers have put in the yard for me I realised that it would be time to start blogging. US is coming closer, and while still digesting both Leadership Summer School and my pharmacy practice I am for sure on the verge of a really big step ahead.

Time for some reflection... Saturday afternoon... Today looks like most other Saturdays through the last year, with step in the morning with Lotte, then some cleaning, spending some time with Sis and having dinner together - just the studying part is missing! But who am I kidding... As if I spent a significant time looking into pharmacy the last 6 months! Actually I should be finishing my pharmacy reports at the moment, but I figure that perpetuating this moment is at least equally important.

Sis and me in Turkey
Looking back one year I had also just returned from LSS, and still in the position of EPSA Training Officer. It is not the hours of studying I remember, though I believe there were at least a few! August brought a family holiday in Turkey with mom and sis, and some days in Budapest (Hungary) and Subotiča (Serbia) with Igor, delivering a training in presentation skills. In September I had the pleasure of finally bringing EPSA to Copenhagen in the first EPSA TNT, conducted by Alexandra Tomescu (AEGEE) and Tim Govaert (BEST). Great finally to see my friends in my city - it suited EPSA well! :) October was challenging with the EPSA Autumn Assembly in Genova (Italy), as I had my laptop stolen on my way there. At least a nice opportunity to switch to Mac. November was a rare month with no travelling. In December I went to Southern Italy with Riccardo for the IFISO meeting and to Brussels for the EPSA Executive Meeting.

Alexandra and me in TsF
January brought exams and a great training weekend in Helsinki (Finland), while I started my pharmacy practice in February. Didn't prevent me from going to EPSA's Annual Reception, and in the beginning of March a short trip to Porto (Portugal) for Quatrino training in Cultural Awareness. Late March offered the first Trainer's Forum organised by BEST in Hungary (I don't dare trying to spell the city name). Then April with a short trip to Oslo (Norway) visiting Anette, and the EPSA AC in Krakow (Poland) with preceding Next Generation Training. In May I stayed home, and delivered an Emotional Intelligence training in my faculty. Ok, almost there - Training New Trainers in Brno (Czech Republic) in June, and the last, but certainly not least LSS in Ljubljana (Slovenia). Pew... Hectic year, but what amazing experiences!

Ok, admitted - self assessment is not my strongest skill. What I learned from all this is not possible to sum up (to some degree because I haven't realised the lessons yet), but for sure I have changed quite a bit over the past 3 years, since I started my EPSA life. Riky mentioned that I was becoming more Italian; less concerned with planning and structure. To quote one of my Portuguese friends: "You're funny as a Portuguese, late like a latin, and joyful as an Italian!" Im pretty sure I wouldn't have been close to these descriptions in 2007. :)

All this international experience has taught me some major lessons. And I am still dealing with some of my weaknesses, which I have identified thanks to my brave, international friends! So all these lessons are something I will take with me to US, when leaving in.... well, 10 days I guess! I don't think I will be bringing much else actually. A bit of clothes, my computer... And a lot of energy and thirst for adventure, of course! Now having taken a look back, I guess I'm ready to turn towards the future!