This is the story of my 6 months of studying in Arizona in 2010 and subsequent travels in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some thoughts before the semester ends!

After having been sick for a week, I am now recovering. I think is a combination of the large temperature changes (down to freezing at night but often more than 20 during the day) and the foreign bugs that are getting the best of me. Just like when I arrived here in August and I had a cold for a week - blamed it on the AC, so temperature changes again! At least I am not too busy these days, so I haven't missed too much by being sick. And reading and watching movies is not the worst way to spend a few days. :)

Time is really running out now... Feels like a long time since I first got here, but only weeks since I wrote the "Half way through" blogpost. I am really happy that I am not going straight back to Denmark, I think that would somehow feel like an anti climax. At least now I have some time for adventure and reflection before I go home.

I think I will feel as many others coming home from abroad: Like I changed a lot, but everything at home is exactly the same as always. Just as well - I am looking forward to being home! In my own flat with my own things, with my sister and friends around me, working on my thesis, doing EPSA-stuff, moving on with life... Though I am gonna miss the sun and the people over here! And for sure I am looking forward to my two life-time adventures, roadtrip with Helene (las Vegas for New Year and then San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego on Highway 1) followed by a month in Mexico with Sofie! OMG its gonna be so FABULOUS! ;)

My exam period is really easy. While everybody is struggling with papers and finals, I have plenty of time to... be a little bit bored... ;) Well, I am reading a lot of books, preparing some things for trainings back in Europe, trying to learn some Spanish phrases, cooking, sleeping, and actually do the school stuff I have to do. Last Thursday I finished Strategic Planning with a presentation and same today for Research Methods. Both went well. Left is a take-home exam also in Research Methods plus a group in-class exam in Policy and Management. Quality Improvement finished without an exam, and I can already tell from my score that I got an A. :)

Hillary and Chris is coming over for homemade cookies and buns in 15 mins - im also gonna miss having my friends so geographically close! Last Saturday I had 3 friends over for dinner, tomorrow is Tuesday, and I have initiated a dinner with Victor, Eden, Andrew, and Hillary before the improv show. The last of the season, *sob! Friday is a big day with at least 11 people coming over for a pot luck (*sammenskudsgilde, everybody brings a dish for dinner), its gonna be crowded but nice for sure!

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  1. So much for the cookies. hehe