This is the story of my 6 months of studying in Arizona in 2010 and subsequent travels in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weather bragging and stuff...

Hey all, another little update from my side of the globe. The sunny side at the moment, I must say - temperatures reach 25 degrees every day, and it is magnificent to sit outside in the sun reading, or like today - writing christmas cards! :) I know you are tired of listening to my bragging on this, but I just wanna let you know how much I enjoy it before going back to the ice age in Denmark!

So things are still going on despite the semester ending, though honestly I can easily feel how I have less exam pressure as many others. I have more time to do stuff, but not many people to hang out with, so again I am back to watching movies, reading books, and sleeping too much. Oh and yes, take care of my take-home exam and prepare a paper on Interprofessional Education for FARMA at home. Those study things, why do I keep sounding like I never take them seriously... Tsk tsk...

Last Tuesday, the 7th, I did however manage to convince 4 friends to join me for dinner at Gentle Ben's before the Improv show. That was really a nice evening - I think it is very healthy with that weekly laughing-your-ass-off! :D The show is really hilarious, but unfortunately it was the last one in the semester.  So no more laughs for me on that account!

Wednesday I had a meeting with my Strategic Planning professor Ernie, for whom I had made a thorough course evaluation. I really liked the course, but also saw some areas that could be improved. I had a really nice meeting with him, where I also asked for a recommendation from him. He was happy to write one for me, and in the end of the meeting he invited my sister and my for Christmas dinner with his family on December 24th - that will be nice I think! :)

I decided that I felt like having a party, so Friday I invited 20 people or so over for pot luck, as described in the previous post. 18 people said they would come, but some had to cancel and we ended up with 10-ish. Which was SUPER nice! We had a good meal and then played various games for a while, including Taboo. Girls versus boys, and we kicked their butts! ;) I wanted to go out, but we had so much fun at home, and it ended up being 12.30. Since the bars close at 2 AM (!!!!!) its just not really worth it to go out at that time.

Today I have done impressingly little. Christmas cards in the sun, going for a walk around campus to take some fall pictures, then met with Ji-Young at the student union for an ice cream. Sat for another 30 mins in the sun talking, realising that we might never meet again... Im gonna get ready for talks like that I guess, there are gonna be a few in the next weeks!

Helene arriving in 97,5 hours! :D

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