This is the story of my 6 months of studying in Arizona in 2010 and subsequent travels in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Enjoy!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Roadtrip day 0 - Picking up the car and Sabino Canyon

After waking up December 28th Helene and I spent a few hours cleaning the apartment. Breakfast, lunch and dinner this day consisted of pretty much everything I had in the cupboards, in order to clear those as well! So at night we also "had" to eat pumpkin bread from Marianne, brownies from Sanford's and ice cream... :) (To be honest we have A LOT of cookies and cakes with us on the road.. ;))

At 2 PM we were off to pick up our rental car at Hertz! Hence roadtrip day 0, 'cause we spent another night in Tucson. We had to wait a while because they didn't have any clean cars for some reason. In the end we drove off with a white Toyota. We took it straight to Sabino Canyon in the north of Tucson, and got there just in time to catch a shuttle to the bottom of the canyon. Was really nice weather though not too warm, but with a scarf and gloves we were both fine. The area is incredibly beautiful, and it was great to be out of the city a bit! :)

We got off the shuttle at its last stop, and climbed up the mountain a little bit. The last shuttle back left 30 mins later, so we didn't have time to get very far. It was just around that time when the sun starts going down behind the mountains, and the light was incredible. Taking the shuttle back we decided to get off a few stops before the parking lot in order to walk back. A really nice hike in the sunset along the water stream. On the way back we went to Target, where I was looking for some shoes for hiking. I ended up with a nice pair of boots. Back home we cooked pasta with meat sauce and salad, ingredients for which was exactly what we had left in the fridge. :) Jesus came up for dinner, and Jing joined us as well this last night in La Aldea.

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