This is the story of my 6 months of studying in Arizona in 2010 and subsequent travels in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where the birds always sing - Mérida, day 23

Waking up in Mérida was associated with a choir of what sounded like jungle-birds, which we had also noticed walking around in the city the night before. Strange that these birds are so active only when its dark... The breakfast was the best I have ever had in a hostel! Big bowls with fresh cut fruit (melon, pineapple, and something unrecognizeable), bananas, cereal, yoghurt, bread, jam, butter, and the best: an omelet or a pancake of your choice! Wonderful start of the day!

The little man from the church... 
Then we went out to see the city, though we didn't get far. Every now and so often we were stopped by local people who started talking to us, and then after a while recommended certain shops where we should buy Mayan handicrafts! Friendly, yet with a purpose... First it was a little woman who convinced Sofie to check out a artisan coop, then a man on a bench who also managed to play some music for us on his iPod before showing us another Mayan shop, then an old man who first showed us around the church, then dragged us to his and his brother's shop. In the end we found some really nice though slightly expensive things, and decided that it was enough of shopping for the day!

So we went to see a museum with various paintings next to the cathedral, and got some lunch in a lebanese restaurant, before heading off to Paseo de Montejo, a fancy-building boulevard slightly outside the main central area. Here we visited an anthropology museum where we hired a guide, who's English turned out to be in need of some practice. It was a nice museum, but with the guide it turned out to be a little too much, so it was fine for us when the museum closed at 5, and we had to leave after a little more than an hour!

We found a little café with a yard where we spent half an hour drinking some lemonade. We had some time to kill before our night bus was leaving at 10; our luggage was still in the hostel. We went back there and spend a few hours, bought some snacks in the kiosk downstairs, and then went to catch the night bus to Palenque.

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