This is the story of my 6 months of studying in Arizona in 2010 and subsequent travels in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Enjoy!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Flying to Cancún - Day 18

Sunday morning, 30/1-11, we got out of our hostel beds after too little sleep and checked out of the hotel. It turned out that this check out would be the first in a row of minor issues caused by the receptionists in various hotels being unaware of the prices offered online... Anyway, we got out alright and was picked up by Emmanuel a little past 9. Our flight to Cancún, the next stop on the trip, was leaving at noon, and we decided to go to the airport to eat breakfast together to be sure to be on time. We checked in and had chilaquilles and croissants with juice, very delicious! Then off with the 2h flight, with plans to return to Mexico City after 2 weeks.

When we landed in Cancún we arrived to a much more humid environment than I have experienced in a while (Slovenia, July 2010, to be exact! ;)). We had bought tickets for a bus to the center online, had an easy trip, and walked from the bus station to our hotel with a "local guide" - aka. an alcoholic who new the way, and entertained us in Spanish in the meantime. :) Our hotel was nice and not too expensive, only minus was the fact that our room was located on an EXTREMELY noisy street, which was rather uncomfortable during the night.

After unpacking a bit, we headed towards to beach. We must have been a little bit too optimistic regarding the distance, and didn't take the receptionist's advice on taking a bus there. We started walking, but it took us more than an hour, and by that time the sun had almost disappeared from the beach. At least on the way we went into a supermarket to stash up on some fruit, bread, and water, so it was a nice walk after all. After walking a bit in the powdery sands we found a restaurant (Pirates Bay, as far as I remember!) and had two salads and beers for dinner. We took a taxi home, and was reminded to always ask for the price on beforehand when he totally overcharged us. Went to bed fairly early - Sofie slept before 7! :)

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