This is the story of my 6 months of studying in Arizona in 2010 and subsequent travels in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Enjoy!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Still in Paradise - day 20.5 and 21

After coming back from our amazing snorkeling trip we settled into our new home-for-a-while on the beach in Tulum. We got out from the cap and stepped right into the finest white sand I have ever seen, and was greeted by Sabrina, the hostess. She showed us down the sandy path in the shadows of the palm trees and other jungle plants to our beach-tent - and incredible cotton tent with a thatched roof above it. Inside is a wooden floor and colored scarfs decorating and insulating the walls. The bed in the middle of the room was covered by a mosquito net, and there was also a drawer, two nightstands, and a lamp. Who needs more anyway? :) One of the more peculiar things of the site is that it is powered by a generator, only running till 10 PM. Hence, there was no power later in the evenings, allowing the pure impression of the beach environment to stand out. Incredible!

That evening, after taken the third swim of the day in the super-nice waves and watching the pelicans fishing, we went to the little cosy restaurant of the hotel, located between all the green plants in the sand, and got some drinks and their appetizer while we considered what we wanted to eat. However, it made us so full that we ended up leaving with nothing else. Afterwards we went walking around on the beach for a while, looking at the stars. So clear... Early to bed of course, tired after the swimming and fresh air - and lack of power to do anything else...! ;)

Wednesday morning, 3/2, we woke up and had breakfast like the day before in the hotel restaurant, however on their beach-deck, facing the morning sun. :) Afterwards we took our time to get ready, caught a taxi, and managed to get to the Mayan ruins in Tulum at the worst possible hour. Loads of tourist and baking hot. Oops... Anyway a nice experience in a very beautiful area. The ruins were very different from the ones we saw in Teotihuacan, and located on the edge of of cliff right above the turquoise ocean. Before we left the ruins we got a pop sickle each, made with fruit (one of those you should be slightly sceptical about if you wanna protect your stomach...). Super refreshing!

We decided to walk the 8 km back to the hotel, again maybe not THE best idea considering that the temperature well above 30 degrees. At least it felt like that with the sun smashing down from the sky. We walked partly on the beach, partly on the road, as the rocks allowed. Finally back at the beach we jumped into the ocean and rested a bit in the beach chairs. We were however not completely lucky with the weather, as some clouds had been building up, so with the wind it became a little chilly. While Sofie was writing postcards, I was reading the book I brought. When the sun went away behind the trees we showered, and got a late lunch on the beach-deck - quesadilla and Mexican salad, both very good. Then we spend some time packing our things as would be leaving early the next morning. Later in the evening we had some fresh fruit in the restaurant, enjoying our last hours on the beach. :)

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