This is the story of my 6 months of studying in Arizona in 2010 and subsequent travels in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Uff, time passes fast in this end of the world! Well ok, in Europe too, but... Let me give you a report of the newest discoveries and highlights! :)

First: I had a peanut butter/jelly sandwich the other day. I've always thought of that like something only the crazy Americans would enjoy, but its actually surprisingly tasty! Now Ill try not to get too fund of it, as I believe it is not the healthiest thing...

Saturday 11th I went on a hike on Mt. Lemmon with Theo, a Lebanese guy I met recently. Was a great day with a long, beautiful hike to the top of the mountain, on a different trail than last time. Took us most of the day, and I was soooo sore in the following days!

Monday morning I skipped classes to go to an Interprofessional Education event, with pharmacy students (Kristen, my roommate, was there), nursing and medical students. The purpose was to get to know each other and the professions better, in order to improve our professional collaboration. During 3 hours of case studies, conversations and discussions, different topics where handled. One of the medical students started out by saying "I have no idea [about the other professions], but I guess thats why im here!", and one finished off saying "Now im much less likely to shout at you when you're killing my patient", referring to a case study where a doctor and a pharmacist had an argument. :)

Monday night Susan invited me to one of the campus theaters for a show called "What I did last summer". It was ok, but not a spectacular performance. However always interesting to spend time with Susan, who has a lot to say about Tucson, Americans, and everything else. :) Just tonight I went to dinner with her and her boyfriend Pat, and had a good time once again.

Same Monday night Hillary auditioned for the university improvisation team, and got chosen as 1 of 3 out of 40! Very impressive!! And Tuesday night I was of course dragged (though I would have gone voluntarily) to the improv show, once again a lot of fun - even more now that Hil is on stage. Wohoo! Cant wait till the next show tomorrow!

Wednesday was special as well, as Hillary and I decided that we absolutely had to go out. Not too many comments about that... Kinda went off track considering that I had an appointment Thursday morning, but was definitely a nice evening!

So Thursday I woke up with a developing hangover, and went to the Medical Center, where I was going to shadow a pharmacist during the morning. I was referred to Megan by my professor, Terri, who has been extremely helpful in other cases as well. She came up with the idea of shadowing, that is following to see what they are doing, various pharmacists, to get an idea of what is happening in an American pharmacies - and in this case for a hospital pharmacist. So I met Megan, who was very talkative and open about the work, and also asking a lot of questions about the Danish system. Had a great morning, but was honestly relieved when I could go home to rest a few hours before my lecture at 2!

After a little nap I felt better, and went back to my Strategic Planning class. My EPSA/IFISO experience is really coming in handy here, as I am on top of the practical side of all the theories, and have already had a chance to practice my facilitation skills. :) Two of my other courses are however causing me trouble at the moment, because my background knowledge is somewhat insufficient. Or well, my statistical interest rather than skill is missing, but in the other course its my understanding of public health, and in particular the American system, that is causing headaches. However, I decided to pull through, and learn all I can, though it might not be applicable in Denmark. In any case, understanding of systems is always handy I figure!

I've got much more to tell about the weekend, but I think I will leave that for another post! :)

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