This is the story of my 6 months of studying in Arizona in 2010 and subsequent travels in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lightning storms, tickets to LA, and improv show - lots of things going on!

Its like being in a different time zone over here... Ok, so well yeah I am, but like... (what a total American way of expressing myself, Im really integrating... :D)... Like time just passes quicker over here.

Like I wrote Im settling into the school work, which is getting slightly more challenging after the first week of classes. There are however a huge gap between the level of the courses, so some are very heavy on readings but easy in the classes, while others are... Well still heavy on readings, but easier in the classes. :) We have tests coming up all the time - had one today in a text from a book I hadn't even noticed I dont have, so obviously I was completely unprepared. Went surprisingly well though. My other assignments has been great so far.

Friday morning I met my "new American friend Susan, aged 65" whom Ive been "assigned" through the International Friends program. She seems really nice and talkative! We went on our bikes around the neighborhood for breakfast, and she gave me a lot of tips on what to do and see etc. etc. Im definitely gonna meet her again, to hear more insight stories of Tucson. :)

Had Hillary, Chris and Jesus over for Danish'ish dinner Friday eve, and we had a great time with homemade Margaritas afterwards! Sagan, my roommate, joined us just before we went out to 4th Avenue, and a good night out. :)

Saturday I was slightly hungover, but managed to get some studying done with Hillary in a coffee shop on University. They have a whole big room for studies upside, so people must come there to hang out a lot. This Saturday morning we had it to ourselves. :) Went to a dinner event with people from the pharmaceutical faculty in the evening, at my professors house out in the foothills (meaning the awesome area at the foot of the mountain, where you have a perfect view of both mountain and city). We had a barbeque and watched a movie, which I found... ahem... not so intriguing. I made a little video of a lightning storm which passed over, and got some great pics of the sunset!

Just press play or use this link: Video

Sunday morning Id agreed to meet with Hillary at 8.30 for a bike trip for my first tour in the center. Was smaller than expected - but very nice actually! It was on Susan's suggestion thatwe did the trip Sunday morning, when not so many cars are out, which was awesome really! Another of Susan's tips was to go for breakfast in Hotel Congress, where we both truly enjoyed a custom made omelet. Uhm!

Studies in the Student Union in the afternoon, considering that I am actually trying to be a pretty good student! Though the system here is quite different from what I am used to, I actually really like it, because we are really "kept to the fire" for every lecture. Its not like at home where you just need to be ready for the exam. Little assignments make sure that everyone is following the curriculum, and as a kinestetic learning I get much more out of what I read when I have a chance to process it into an assignment. The test I am not equally excited about, but well... Maybe Ill get used to it!

Monday - not so interesting, besides Ying, my Chinese roommate cooking me dinner. That was nice!

And now, Tuesday evening I just came back from an Improv show which Hillary dragged me to, which turned out to be a LOT of fun! 8 students playing improvised scenes for an hour, was definitely better than I expected!

Last little story for now: I bought train tickets for Los Angeles! Departing Thursday 10.30 PM, 10 hour in the train, so I have full Friday and Saturday in LA before going back with the train 2.30 PM Sunday. Monday is Labor Day so no classes - aka a chance for catching up with what I havent read yet, if I can get hold of the book I am missing.

All for me, another long post, I know - but there are just so many things going on, and since this is also kinda my diary, I wanna put it all! :)

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