This is the story of my 6 months of studying in Arizona in 2010 and subsequent travels in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Enjoy!

Monday, August 2, 2010

One week to go!

When is it time to start counting hours in stead of days? Hmmm... Anyway, now I played around a bit with the blog layout and widgets. Sorry its not too fancy, but at least there's some useful info - like departure countdown and weather in Tucson. Note that the two show very different info; when I figure out which is more accurate I'll remove the other. ;)

One week to go. Wow, hard to understand! Today I handed in my pharmacy reports, and since I plan to pass I can now fully focus on wrapping up everything here before take off. Already spent most of the weekend packing away stuff, so though my flat looks messier than ever, actually its pretty empty. Just clothes, some decorations and utilities missing. 

It's a huge relief already to have my housing in Tucson settled! I'll be staying in a graduate dorm on campus, in a flat with 3 other girls. Kristen and Sagan, both from Arizona and Ying from China. Kristen studies pharmacy, so I'll have someone around to be nerdy with. :) They all seem really nice, we've been writing some emails and sharing a bit of arrival information. On Kristen's suggestion I've been looking into the meal plan options, something we don't use in Denmark. With a special university card (Cat Card) I can get discounts on meals on the eateries (restaurants, fast food shops, etc.) around campus - might just be an option to consider, though I also plan to use the kitchen we have in the flat. 

Airport pick up is arranged as well - some students offering the service as far as I understand! Great not to have to worry about finding my way late at night. 

Had a chat with Trine (international coordinator in my faculty) today, she reminded me of my frustrations with applications for Uni and visa during the spring and early summer... Bah, what a hazzle! I still feel like it is almost too much work for 4 months of studies in US, but at least now the worst is over, and I can look forward to getting all the best out of my stay! :) 

Can't wait! :)

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  1. Great idea to have something like this to keep us all posted about your (probably AMAZING) adventures in the other side of the Athlantic!

    wish you the BEST of the lucks and a marvelous time there! I'm sure you'll succeed there just as you succeeded in Europe! Just...keep in mind to invite me when you start planning about ruling the World hun? You might need some kind of assistant!

    Kisses and have a great trip dear!